Thursday, June 5, 2008

"There is a growing mutiny on your hands Sir . . . "

". . . board members, teachers, parents. So no matter how you arrange the proverbial deck chairs, the ship is sinking with you at the helm."

That is just a snippet of one speaker from the board meeting on Tuesday night. Paul Strange has uploaded the audio of the board meeting at the MDUSD site HERE. If you want to hear the public comments only, including the entire speech of the gentleman quoted above, he's also offered a link to the public comments only.

For anyone not real sure what is going on, or not convinced a resignation from McHenry is what we need, please listen at least to the public comments. Its only about 10-15 minutes of your day and will be worth every one of those minutes.

Some other craziness that was mentioned on Mr. Writer's blog happens around:

18 minutes for April Treece's "voracious reader of studies" comment as she passes around a book she wanted the board to read plus her corporate speak regarding terminology around strategic planning processes. My question is that if there is a strategic planning book on Mr. McHenry's bookshelf, why hasn't he read it?

20 minutes for Gary Eberhart's request and April's response related to Gary's district website contact information.

Around 1 hour 16 minutes. You'll hear the Superintendent's report, and his assertion that "I won't be resigning, just for the people who have asked me to." He notes clearly the board will have to make that decision.

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