Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clayton Valley Charter overwhelmingly approved by teachers, on to the board

The charter is said to have been approved by 80% of the permanent certificated staff.  Definitely more than the 50%+1 that they needed to send it to the board for approval.

They have released the charter document, which will be presented the Mt. Diablo School board, you can access it here:  CVCHS Submission

The charter facebook page can be accessed HERE.



  1. Very exciting!

  2. My child lives in the district, will I have to have her apply to get into the school? We live within the Clayton Valley bounderies.

  3. Every parent with students within the boundaries should read the document. They have a section all about their admissions. If school runs out of room (priority first goes to existing students), then a public lottery will be done with the following priorities ...

    Students who reside in the cvhs area, areas that have historically been zoned to cvhs
    Then siblings
    Then other students in the MDUSD.