Monday, December 13, 2010

The votes are in, they may shock some of you

The committee has recommended to close..... This from Theresa Harrington of the Times tweeting during the meeting:

(be sure to read her blog, linked below, for full details, how the votes were tallied and what happens next)

TunedToTheresa #MDUSD school closure committee recommends closing Glenbrook MS, Silverwood, Holbrook, Wren, Sequoia MS, Sequoia Elem and Monte Gardens
4 minutes ago

Follow Theresa here :

Stay calm people... Do the right thing and write your letters to the board with constructive alternatives and tact. Remember, the board is the deciding body....

Be sure to read her blog and the comments for other reader commentary before you react, there is more to the story....

These are not the final recommendations according to Theresa's report at her blog, . See how the votes landed by reading at her site.

School closure committee is voting.... Tonight

Just in from Theresa Harrington. The committee is voting on their recommendation now (6:15pm). Hope someone will report in soon with the results. Health has prevented me from attending tonight myself, but anxiously awaiting word.

As you all have probably also heard, the Board study session has been postponed until January. I assume this will mean Simeon concessions will have to be made for intradistrict transfer students if transferring in or out of a school on the list. Until it ia finalized, much will remain in flux.

Remember the committee will vote, but the board can come up with their own solution. They are an 'advisory' committee, the board is the ultimate decision making body. You will have time for public comment.

We should thank the committee for their hard work... This cant have been easy.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

School closure options, as the decision draws near

Soon, the School Closure Committee will be voting on their recommendation to take the board.  Since our last topic covering school closures got heated and garnered almost 150 comments, I thought I'd start fresh here, and be sure that people get themselves up to speed.

REMINDER:  There is a School Closure Committee Meeting Monday, December 13th. 
REMINDER:  Agendas, Minutes and Presentations are all available ONLINE
REMINDER:  Any scenario may be chosen, and all schools were evaluated based on criteria set forth
REMINDER:  There is a public comment period at the closure committee meetings

Did you read the Times article whereas Theresa Harrington outlined the committee proposals to be voted on?  You can see that online here

Everything listed is on the table folks.  But please don't just get hostile, and think your school shouldn't be closed because it's "best."  These school closures will impact many, and no one wants THEIR school closed.  It will surely impact the intradistrict transfers, and it will impact neighborhoods.  It may require some re-drawing of school boundaries and it may require some outside the box thinking.  So instead of getting hostile, help come up with a better solution.  Take your anger to Sacramento. 

Someone said something in a previous thread that parents should be able to have their voices heard even this early in the process - folks - this is NOT early.  This is nearing the end.  Again, with everything else, and I know I know - it's my pet peeve - but with everything else, no one pays attention until it might impact them. I guess it's human nature, but I hope it's a wake up call that these budget cuts are very real.  They will hurt across all schools, all demographics and many families.  School closures are happening across the state, we aren't the only ones.  But be part of the solution, not a problem.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Local student, Stephanie Cudd, still missing

Stephanie, who is 15 years old, hasn't been seen in several days now, and we hope you're helping to spread the word of her disappearance. Someone must know something.

Here's a few places you can get more information:

And from the facebook page:
If anyone has any information on Stephanie's location, they can contact the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department at 925-646-2441, case # 10-21998.