Monday, December 13, 2010

School closure committee is voting.... Tonight

Just in from Theresa Harrington. The committee is voting on their recommendation now (6:15pm). Hope someone will report in soon with the results. Health has prevented me from attending tonight myself, but anxiously awaiting word.

As you all have probably also heard, the Board study session has been postponed until January. I assume this will mean Simeon concessions will have to be made for intradistrict transfer students if transferring in or out of a school on the list. Until it ia finalized, much will remain in flux.

Remember the committee will vote, but the board can come up with their own solution. They are an 'advisory' committee, the board is the ultimate decision making body. You will have time for public comment.

We should thank the committee for their hard work... This cant have been easy.


  1. I believe that if the Board does not vote for one of the committee's recommendations, there will be an uproar like we've never seen. To have these people give up hours and hours of their time, only to have their hard work discarded, will be a deliberate slap to their collective faces. I thank all the committee members. You have devoted a great deal of time, time you could have spent with your families, to come up with scenarios that are in the best interest of the whole district.

  2. Anon 10.55 Well said -- uproar may be an understatement.

  3. You are both right, but I bet we see a bigger uproar if they close Sequoia and Monte Gardens.

  4. I appreciate that the committee did not consider any school a "sacred cow" that could not be considered. No one wants their school closed, but economics is a very real problem for our district. What is best for * ALL * students should be the overriding factor, not which parents scream the loudest.