Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Principals to be appointed tonight at MDUSD Board Meeting

A new meeting had been called for tonight. You can view the agenda here.

Theresa Harrington has a comprehensive blog about the subject here.

It is a light agenda in terms of items, but should be interesting as it seems they will be appointing several new school site administrators. Will you be watching or listening in tonight? Remember you can watch live at

Agenda item 4.3:
Interviews have been conducted and candidates have been selected to fill School Site Administrator positions.

The recommended action on this item is to approved the positions as recommended. Certainly will be interesting to see who else will be shuffled, as I heard there may be other schools losing their principal that had not previously been announced. Of course there are several schools still hoping for a "good one." District administrators have held meetings at some school sites to receive input, and now, those schools may learn their new Principals.

In addition to the above item, there is another item. Agenda item 4.2 would allow the Superintendent to appoint Administrators throughout the summer, while the Board of Education is on recess. They would be confirmed in August when the Board reconvenes, but this item would give the Superintendent the authority to appoint those Administrators as needed.

Agenda item 4.2
In order to assure there is adequate staffing for the opening of school, the Superintendent requests authority to appoint candidates to positions, including administrative positions, during the summer months when there are no Board meetings. Any such appointments will be brought to the Board in August.


  1. So the superintendent can make appointments and the board will just rubber stamp them. The parents get no input unless they're from rich schools I guess. Remember that the agenda can be revised at any time before the meeting starts and they can add things to discuss that no one knew about before.

  2. Just to be clear, the Board cannot substantively revise the agenda at any time before the meeting. Non-substantive changes can be made. If a substantive change needs to be made prior to a meeting, the agenda item would have to be tabled until the next Board meeting so that proper notice can be provided. In no case can something be added to an agenda just prior to a meeting and then acted upon. These are the rules of the Brown Act and they are enforced by the Contra Costa District Attorney's Office.

    The Superintendent does not make administrative appointments. The Superintendent provides advice to the Board regarding administrative appointments and the Board then takes that advice and either approves or denies the appointments suggested by the Superintendent. Typically the Board does support the administrative suggestions of the Superintendent, but that has not always been the case.

  3. Anon 8:13

    I agree with your overall concern about the superintendent and his potentiale decision making power.

    Parents should be a strong lobbying force. We are the largest group of stakeholders in the district. MDUSDParents blog is helping that happen but if we keep making divisive comments about other parents we will be a weaker group. Do you really believe that you have to come from a higher income area to make sure the superintendent listens? I don't think so. You just need to shout loud enough. I applaud the parents at Bancroft for saying no to what appears to have been a pointless move in the first place.

  4. Is Mr. Mc Morris at Northgate High Schoool leaving NG
    Last time we heard from him via e-mail was in April and last robo phone message was about Star testing
    What happened when he first came on board we had monthly news letters with multiple robo calls on school news & student activities. Seems to have gone missing in April. Is he ill or doing the Principal Shuffle?

  5. Can the district honestly tell us they have taken the parent and staff comments seriously when choosing which principals to place at which schools? Or are they simply humoring us?

  6. Anon 3:53,

    They are humoring you. You think this board cares what anyone but them thinks? HAHAHAHAHA

  7. At the very least, I hope the comments were passed on to the new principals...

  8. This is an excerpt from Claycord's blog on last night's MDUSD meeting. This information will probably start a media firestorm. Mr. Eberhart, are you and your fellow board members aware of this information on the new Mt Diablo Elementary Principal?

    "After reviewing last night’s MDUSD board meeting on live feed, Dr. Christopher Nugent (approx 20.17 minutes into the feed), who was appointed to Mt. Diablo Elementary as principal, certainly looks like the person from your link. Chris Nugent from the Williamson County school district in Tennessee “resigned” after a huge security breach involving thousands of children’s social security numbers being released through the internet. Upon reviewing several news reports about the Liberty Coalition, who helped tracked down the breach, this does indeed sound like MDE’s new principal. I am very curious whether MDUSD uncovered this during their employment background check. At the very least, the MDUSD board members and Dr. Lawrence should be made aware of this. Once our local press gets ahold of this, this could just add more fuel to the MDUSD fire."