Friday, January 29, 2010

MDUSD Community Meeting Schedule

To: Families of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District

Steven Lawrence, Superintendent of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District
invites you to attend a COMMUNITY MEETING at one of the following locations:

Thursday, February 4 – College Park High
Wednesday, February 10 – Northgate High
Thursday, February 11 – Concord High
Tuesday, February 16 – Clayton Valley High
Wednesday, February 17 – Mt. Diablo High
Wednesday, February 24 – Riverview Middle
Thursday, February 25 – Ygnacio Valley High School

Meetings begin at 7pm

Purpose of the Meeting:
• Meet the new Superintendent
• Learn about the current challenges of the District during these difficult fiscal times
• Learn about what is being done to address these needs
• Share your thoughts about additional ways we can work together to benefit our students

For more information contact Loreen Joseph at 925-682-8000 ext 4000


  1. Parents;

    We need Gary McHenry back!

    The new school board members are a joke. Gary E and Paul S also need to go! We’re heading in the wrong direction and they don't even have a clue what to do. Gary E is more interested in running for a seat on the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors (Don't believe me, check out Gary E’s voting record, he always sides with the teachers - be it right or wrong. Without the teachers support, he knows he doesn’t have a chance in hell of being elected.) And Paul S is more concern about having his attorney friend represent the MDUSD to the tune of $180k per year. (Hope he got a finder’s fee.)

    Once we get the teachers union under control, we'll all be a lot better off with more money to spend on the students. Just ask the airlines, GM, and other companies that have gone broke because of the choke hold their unions placed on the workplace.

    In closing, the next time you run into Paul S ask him about his attorney buddy, and be sure to ask him what the school board has accomplished since Gary McHenry was forced out.

    Best regards,

    A Concerned Citizen

  2. Are you kidding me concerned citizen??? Thank God there are not too many that think like you!

  3. OY, maybe the Concerned Citizen has not read the Grand Jury report on the School District last year that speared McHenry's Administration.
    Dealing in a public forum with a very public transparent approach to the massive betrayal of our school system by the State of California is a massive accomplishment. Many school districts in the south simply do things by decree.

  4. Clearly Concerned Citizen doesn't get accurate information. Part of the reason that our district is in the mess that it is in is due to his/her friend Gary McHenry! Yes, there have been major cuts at the state level and they have definitely affected the entire district, but we started off in the mess that McHenry left behind. He created positions for his friends and each one had a price tag.

    The teachers are being asked to do more and more without more pay, so don't start picking on them. No teacher goes into the profession thinking that they are going to make millions. Many teachers are giving their own time and money to make things happen that the district has cut and/or won't provide anymore. Administrators are taking on things that the district used to do... so they are feeling it too.

    Going back to the old Sup won't fix anything. Get out there and volunteer in your neighborhood school. Offer to provide something tangible such as supplies or your time. THAT will make a difference... getting angry at the board or unions won't get you anywhere.

  5. A concerned citizen is Silent No More...

  6. McHenry can't take all of the credit or blame for actions in the past. the board has the ultimate responsibility and they are charged with making sure the district is being run correctly. the board abrogated their duty to McHenry and then got mad when they tried to take back some of the power and he refused. grand juries are not always the best informed nor are they the most unbiased, if they were their report would have spread the blame to both parties as it should have been done. and yes MDEA is totally out of control and without bringing some reasonable person to take charge, nothing will change there.

  7. When is the next attorney raise scheduled for?

  8. 2:57. If you knew what was happening at the time McHenry was here, then you would know that two of the board members did not support what McHenry was doing and because the other three agreed with everything McHenry wanted there was nothing they could do. That is why the Grand Jury report did blame the former board majority and McHenry for the problems. Seems like a very fair report to me!

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  10. Why is MDEA out of control???

  11. Visit
    to view the final Judgment against MDUSD

  12. Has the school board or the new superintendant ever reported on the judgment awarded against them? If not is this the transparency they promised? Go to to view the Final Judgment.