Monday, November 16, 2009

MDUSD Board Meeting Tuesday 11/17 7:30pm

Here is the agenda for Tuesday's board meeting.

And a recap from Theresa Harrington of the CCTimes as to the "hot topics" to be discussed tonight. Mt. Diablo School Board to Vote on Staff Changes, Propose No Teacher Pay Increase through 2013.

Revealed in the last couple of weeks are three major Dent Center retirements including our Interim Superintendent, Richard Nicoll (which we knew), an Associate Superintendent Alan Young, and the Assistant Superintendent in charge of Personnel, Gail Isserman.



  1. The meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday 11/17

  2. There is a strange echo on the can barely understand anything being said.

  3. That's because they don't want you to hear what is being said because they are giving fat raises to their friends.

  4. Did Greg Rolen get his pay increase for doing a little extra work?

  5. Greg Rolen is probably rolling in all the cash naked on his bed right now.