Tuesday, October 27, 2009

VOTE now for MDUSD Sports!

I was notified there is a very important vote going on today in support of some local sports!!! No, not JUST the school board meeting tonight whereas the board will be voting whether or not to continue sports... but for KTVU's Game of the Week! Ygnacio Valley High vs. Clayton Valley High is competing against other local teams for the honor. As of 10am this morning only about 30 votes separate 1st and 2nd place, and that is out of over 8000 total votes so far...

Vote for YVHS vs CVHS as KTVU's game of the week and each school could earn $500. Here's the link:


The local game is TIED with another game so vote early and often as they say!

And, if you'd like to see the board meeting discussion tonight where fundraising efforts will be recapped and the continuation of sports will be voted on, see the links on the right sidebar where you can be routed to tonight's agenda, and link to where you can watch it all happen live. Or go to http://www.mdusd.net/.



  1. This is really easy! Takes about ten seconds and only a click. Too bad we didn't know sooner. Hopefully, Claycord posts about this too.

    I'll email to my friends.

  2. Though KTVU has very limited info on their site (at least of what I could find!), it seems voting is through Thursday. There's still time. When I got my first email about this yesterday afternoon there were only 600 votes and our teams were losing by a mile. We are now neck in neck. Keep voting.. You can vote as often as you like!