Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Get Ready, more budget cuts to the tune of $12 MILLION, coming to a district near you

Yes, sad news indeed, with the news coming from the state, our board is faced with the daunting task of cutting yet ANOTHER $12 million dollars next Tuesday night at their board meeting.

Where will they cut? Read the Superintendent's Message outlining the cuts here: Message from Superintendent. He also answers many of the questions I hear frequently asked. The full list of cuts on the agenda for Tuesday will be available on late Friday.

We keep saying, "can it get worse?" Well, yes, it can.


  1. Thank god measure D passed or we would really be in trouble.

  2. I keep trying to remain positive. It's means more cutting, but like others have said, perhaps we will end up with a stronger, leaner MDUSD.

  3. I don't know what else to do aside from donating to my child's school. It might be time to support a state constitutional convention. Perhaps it's time for a lawsuit to address the inequities in funding between school districts. As Mr. Strange has pointed out, MDUSD really gets the short end of the stick as far as funding is concerned. Any lawyers out there who can take that one on?

  4. According to the Superintendent's message...

    If the district needs to make $12million more in cuts, how will $99 per person (students and staff) bringing in $3.8 million in revenue bring back programs? It sounds like we'd just be throwing our money into the hole. The district would cut $8.2 million instead of $12 million.

    Can anyone clarify this?

  5. Anon 1:44,

    You would be throwing your money down a hole by doing that.

  6. Anon 1:44

    Since the board still has additional cuts to make, if funds are raised, programs that will have been cut, may be restored.

    For example, if, after the budget is balanced on June 30, parents raise $3.8 million, programs that were eliminated could be restored.

  7. I think the thought of donating that 99.00 to the district is a very nice gesture, I just feel the chances of people voluntarily donating over 3 million dollars is almost nill. I also feel that once we give the money to the district, "we" lose control and Sherry, wouldn't you have to treat this as one time money? And the same reason you can't use the stimulus money to restore programs, would be applied to this would it not? I love the involvement this has brought out in people, but I would rather see the individual schools start their own campaigns, and restore and supplement where there individual schools need it most. UNLESS you could promise that this money would be used to restore programs i.e. class size reduction - but my guess as being treated like one time money I think will still leave it in much doubt as to how realistically any of this money would be used for anything "we" would actually feel at the school level.

  8. Sherry,

    But the programs that people are upset about having lost (i.e. class size reduction, sports, band, libraries) are already cut and money that is raised will not bring them back. Right??? I doubt if too many parents and teachers will donate $99 to keep the Dent Center from getting cut.

  9. There are options people can use when donating money to the district office:

    1) You can designate the funds be used for a certain program - the drawback to this is that if that program doesn't get enough funds it just stays there.

    2) The board can suggest a list of programs that will either be returned or brought back based upon the amount of money received.

    Yes one time money for next school year - but what if community members donate $99 each year until a parcel tax pass, then we will have money each year.

    The board can vote to change the budget. If funds are raised to restore programs or even items like campus supervisors, then we can use them for that.

    What's the best for us - obviously to pass a parcel tax. In the meantime we may want to look into a MDUSD education fund that has a board of community members, its own charter, and can raise funds and then designate them to be used in the district as defined by the fund.