Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Superintendent causes stir with his remarks

"Were they just words expressing frustration, or a threat of legal action?"

This is the question asked in today's article in the Times by Theresa Harrington.

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Here's my opinion, in this climate of budget cuts and catastrophe for all schools looming, our Superintendent needs to check his words in public more carefully. We need to come together to solve this together. What he said may well have been in frustration, but it does nothing to bring this community together. Though he did not make a statement to the paper for this article, his assistant Sue Berg does note he's moving forward with the board recommendation. So for lack of a better cliche - can't we all just get along? We need to work together. We're all going to feel the cuts. We need a parcel tax. We need a united front.

If you look on the right side bar over there -------------------> you'll see a feed from "Protect Our Students. Protect Our Schools. Protect Prop 98." They are following education cuts from around the state. We haven't even felt the worst of it yet, look at just a few examples over there, including:

Novato school officials are considering laying off 60 classroom teachers, completely eliminating athletic programs and closing a middle school to save $5.8 million - the amount they fear they’ll lose this year due to state budget cuts.

Wouldn't people rather see a leaner admin before they see teachers and ALL sports cut, not to mention school closures? Look at the MDUSD Budget Reduction list - those things are ALL on there; sports, programs (teachers) and school closures. Let's work together...


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