Thursday, November 27, 2008

Updated MDUSD Meeting List

On the right sidebar are some important dates to know. Board Meetings, Advisory Council Meetings, Budget Committee Meetings and Public Hearings - all coming in the next month.

The December 9th Board Meeting is the meeting that starts our new board and when Gary Eberhart and Sherry Whitmarsh begin their new terms as MDUSD Board Members.

You may have also read in the Times that the NAACP plans to attend this December 9th meeting to make their position known on some of the proposed cuts, as some of the people occupying the top level positions on the lists are African American.

I also noticed that Sue Berg's position is on the list (she's the Senior Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Communications Specialist for the District). There are many positions on these lists. There are many programs too. How did race even become an issue? The Times says:

CONCORD — The addition of three black Mt. Diablo school district administrators to a list of cuts trustees are considering as they try to reduce their 2009-10 budget by $6.6 million has sparked racial controversy in the community.

Several speakers at the school board's Tuesday night meeting questioned the inclusion of Associate Superintendent Alan Young, Assistant Superintendent Mildred Browne and Director of Classified Personnel Dorothy Eppstein on the list of cuts, noting that the administrators are all African American. Joseph Adebayo, president-elect of the East Bay chapter of the NAACP, said his organization plans to announce a position about the proposed cuts at the board's Dec. 9 meeting.

Does anyone know the opinion of the three mentioned in the Times article clip above?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Devastating NEW Budget Cuts proposed to the MDUSD

Things aren't getting any better on the budget front for MDUSD and for school districts around the state. Check out the latest memo from Superintendent McHenry. Please keep your ears open for community meetings near you - they are coming. We all need to pull together and work for the good of this district, and of greatest importance, our children, their education and teachers.

I'm thankful we have a new board majority as we move into this unsure time, and next round of budget cuts. We will likely have to band together to demand our Sacramento representatives stop the cuts to our schools. Doesn't seem likely we can withstand these kinds of cuts without devastating wide-felt damage

The district is near crisis with these cuts. Take note, this is now MORE than the original 6.6 million projected - it is now closer to 17 million dollars! These next cuts could devastate every part of our district. Read on:

I can not find this memo posted on the district website yet, if you want a copy of the email, please email: and I'll forward you a copy of the above.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Superintendent's Parent Advisory Council Meeting tonight (Weds)

First, a big congratulations are in order for Gary Eberhart and Sherry Whitmarsh for their huge wins for MDUSD School board.

Secondly, in the "business as usual" category, there is a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting tonight at the Dent Center 7-9pm. Remember, even if you're not the "assigned rep" for your school site, you are welcome at these meetings.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Final surge of support on Monday and Tuesday

The Eberhart /Whitmarsh campaign as put out the following. Will we see you there? See for more.

Dear Friends,

Its crunch time in the MDUSD School Board election and we need your help. The opportunity for fundamental change is right in front of us. It's up to each of us to help in the effort to fix our schools. I know that everyone's life is extremely busy, but what is more important than our children and their future? Many of you have done much in the effort to elect Sherry Whitmarsh and myself. I am personally asking that you put in just a little more.

The following is part of our final strategy for election victory:

· Contact everyone that you know who resides in the district and ask them to vote for Sherry Whitmarsh and Gary Eberhart on November 4th. Even if you have contacted them before, please do it one last time. You can do this easily via e-mail. Your friends who have not been following the School Board race will appreciate that you have been and that you can provide them with educated advice on who to vote for.

· Join our campaign for a rally on the corner of Treat Blvd. and Oak Grove Road from 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM on Monday November 3rd. The rallies that we've had so far have been very effective in showing the voting public that Sherry and Gary are the best choice for kids.

· Pick a friend and a corner and hold up an Eberhart/Whitmarsh sign in the morning or afternoon on Tuesday November 4th. The morning times are 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM and the afternoon times are 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM. We will try to get many of our busiest intersections covered. Just think; our signs and our enthusiastic supporters might be the last things that voters see just before they vote.

The following schools are actual poll location sites (see below). If you can organize a group of parents/teachers to stand at least 100 feet away from the polling area you may hold signs. You can do this before school or after school! It would make a HUGE impact to voters coming to vote. If they see signs that say Teachers/Parents Support Eberhart and Whitmarsh! Let us know if you need a sign or you can make your own.

These are the last opportunities to try to bring about real change in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District in the 2008 election. The race is very close and we need to make sure that we have a strong finish. No one will be happier for this race to be over than Sherry and me and our families, but we can't relax now. The last few days may be the difference between defeat and victory. Please join us as we sprint across the finish line.

Please e-mail us back and let us know what you can do to help. Two hours one on each day that is all we are asking. If you would like to do the Tuesday intersection sign holding, please let us know which time(s) that you can be there and which intersection you will be at.

Thanks for your continued support.
Gary Eberhart
List of sites:
Clayton- Dana Hills Cabana Clubhouse, Oakhurst Country Club, Clayton Endeavor Hall

Concord/PH/Walnut Creek locations: Silverwood, Sun Terrace, Wren Ave, Westwood, Ayers,. Mountain View, Woodside, Oak Grove Middle,
Fair Oaks, Crystyl Ranch Clubhouse, Willow Pass Community Center, Hope Center-Corner of Taylor/Morello, any other main intersection.

Bay Point-Rio Vista and Delta View