Friday, November 7, 2008

Devastating NEW Budget Cuts proposed to the MDUSD

Things aren't getting any better on the budget front for MDUSD and for school districts around the state. Check out the latest memo from Superintendent McHenry. Please keep your ears open for community meetings near you - they are coming. We all need to pull together and work for the good of this district, and of greatest importance, our children, their education and teachers.

I'm thankful we have a new board majority as we move into this unsure time, and next round of budget cuts. We will likely have to band together to demand our Sacramento representatives stop the cuts to our schools. Doesn't seem likely we can withstand these kinds of cuts without devastating wide-felt damage

The district is near crisis with these cuts. Take note, this is now MORE than the original 6.6 million projected - it is now closer to 17 million dollars! These next cuts could devastate every part of our district. Read on:

I can not find this memo posted on the district website yet, if you want a copy of the email, please email: and I'll forward you a copy of the above.


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