Monday, August 11, 2008

Countdown or still counting . . .

The board agenda for tomorrow night's meeting is on the MDUSD website, you can see it here:


Somewhere around page 30 (out of over 150!) is the personnel information noting resignations since the last board meeting.

So far, 23 resignations over the summer, hopefully that is it for now and that we'll all be greeted with familiar teaching faces on August 26th. One of those resignations is Roger Bylund who went on to Paradise (literally), CA.

So who's next? I hope no one! BUT, there have been some changes at my son's school I don't see reflected here on this list.. I don't see the resignations I heard about, and I don't see the new hires I heard about... so.... maybe more is to come?

Above the resignations are the temporary teaching positions that had to be terminated at the end of year , being rehired. Thank goodness.. there are some favorite teachers on that list!

You'll see the blogs are coming alive now, please join in. We need change this year. If ever there was a time you thought of getting involved, IT HAS TO BE NOW! There's been no other time in this district's history that we've been at such a critical stage.

I DO NOT WANT a teacher strike. Do you? Let's work toward action - and change this year! It starts with YOU!


  1. Hi Cathy,

    Excellent points. I wonder whether a STRIKE would not be a better option. It would surely push the parents to do something.

    Reading Gary Eberhart's account of the strategic planning they had last Saturday I am struck by the hopelessness of this present board - the sooner the structure changes the better we will all be.

  2. The majority of parents still have trust or no clue as to what is going on. They are complacent. A strike vote will come if nothing changes. Will a sufficient number of teachers vote for the strike? You'll have this teacher's vote!
    Your Child's Teacher